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SA Excel Organic NPK Fertilizer

Price : INR 800.00 / Litre

SA Excel ORGANIC Fertilizer

Granules and Liquid NPK Fertilizer in Organic Form

Highlights :

Amino acids are derived from vegetables/ cereal proteins. This formulation is most effective on all


An organic nutrient suitable for organic farming and is compatible with all manures / fertilizers /


Can be safely used to prevent and correct nutrient deficiency in all plants and crops.

Provides stress relief for all crops and plants.

Granules Compositions:

TotalNitrogen 1-1.5

Total Aminoacids 7-9

Organic Matter 6-8%

Liquid Composition:

Mixture of bi-available Protein Hydrolysate derived from vegetable sources,Readily absorbable organic

acids with essential micro nutrients,Amino Acids 18%(min),Total Nitrogen 3%(min) and organic matter



Promotes growth of green leaves and reduces intensity of Chlorosis.

Increases flowering, fruit setting and yield of all crops.

Amino Acids are precursors or activators of phytohormones and growth substances.

Promotes photosynthesis leading to promotion of carbohydrates, oil fats and proteins.

Totally bio- available, bio- degradable and completely absorbable by plants.

Avoids ground water pollutions and will not create any adverse effect on soil/plant/crops and also for

farm produce.

Maintains eco-equilibrium for soil and plant micro flora.

Granules Dosage:

8-10KG Per Acre(Dosage may vary from crop to crop as per Soil Conditions)

Liquid Dosage :

Folair Spray:3-4ml.per liter of water.

Drip Dosage:0.25-0.50ml.per liter of water

Available Pack Size:

Granules:10Kg and 25Kg

Liquid 500ml,1Ltr and 5Ltr


Type Fertilizer
State Liquid
Purity 99.99%
Grade Standard Bio Tech Grade, Chemical Grade

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