S A Agro Exim Company

SA Magnesios ORGANIC NPK Fertilizer

Price : INR 800.00 / Ton

Granules and Liquid NPK Fertilizer in Organic Form.

Highlights :

  • Innovative Liquid Organic fertilizer in bio available form of magnesium, chelated with multiple organic acids to address the deficiency of magnesium in all crops.
  • Increases the ability of plant to withstand stress such as pest attack, diseases, drought and boosts up growth rate of plant.
  • An organic nutrient suitable for organic farming and is compatible with all manures fertilizers pesticides.

Granules Compositions:

  • Available magnesium Mg ½ 0.4 -0.6
  • Total Amino acids 6-8%
  • Available Sulphur 0.8 -10%
  • Organic Matter 6-8

Liquid Composition:
Contains multiple organic acid based Magnesium 1.8% (min) formulated with amino acids and essential organic Micro Nutrients, Organic matter 6.0%(min) to meet complete nutritional requirement for all CropsPlants.


  • Can be used to prevent and correct N. P. K deficiency in all Crops plants and promotes growth of green leaves and reduces intensity of Chlorosis.
  • Organic NPK promotes photosynthesis leading to promotion of carbohydrates, oil fats and proteins
  • Reduces withering of leaves and prevents patches.

Granules Dosage:
8-10KG Per Acre(Dosage may vary from crop to crop as per Soil Conditions)

Liquid Dosage :

  • Foliar Spray :3-4ml. per liter of water
  • Drip Dosage: 0.25-0.50ml. per liter of water


Type Organic
Brand Name SA Agro Exim Product
State Maharashtra
Purity Organic
Place of Origin India
Organic Organic

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 20 Ton
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Delivery Time Dispatch 2 Days After Payment To Maintain Freshness
Packaging Details As Per Industry Standards